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  • Bra Lepel art. RitaBra Lepel art. Rita
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    Crisscross classic unpadded bra with cotton cups and lycra on the sides.Comp: 50% cotton, 40% polyamide, 10% elastane Sizes:2=32 Cup B3=34 Cup B4=36 Cup B5=38 Cup B6=40 Cup B7=42 Cup B8=44 Cup B

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  • Girdle Lepel art 217Girdle Lepel art 217
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    Classic microfiber girdle for the most comfort, wearability and wellbeing with the full coverage and support. Hard control. Comp:80%poliam.15%elast.5%cot. SIzes: 3=M, 4=L, 5=XL, 6=XXL, 7=XXXL. 

    20,00 €
  • Elastic cotton nursing bra with preformed cups with opening clips. Comp:70%cot.20%poliam.10%elast. Sizes: 3=34 B 4=36 B 5=38 B 6=40 B 7=42 B 8=44 B 

    19,50 €
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