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Our Concern for the Planet

Environmental pollution is having a real impact on the Planet; therefore, everyone's goal should be to protect and preserve it..


We at Bizzarre Intimo have made a choice: that of respecting the environment and working to reduce our ecological footprint through a circular vision. Fighting waste, sustainable packaging and recycling have become our priorities.


Today, thanks to the eco green solutions implemented in our work system, we guarantee our customers a careful service that respects the well-being of the Planet, as well as the health of those who rely on us for their purchases.

Bizzarre intimo: a choice of responsibility

Among the first moves we have made to invest in the sustainability of our business is the use of eco green and sustainable packaging. A choice of awareness and responsibility, which consists mainly of reusing second-hand boxes in our shipments and deliveries. This simple gesture is very important, because it avoids cutting down new trees, plus it reduces CO2 emissions to create new paper material. It also allows us to limit the amount of waste sent to sorting centers, further lowering consumption and the problem of sorting waste.


Another choice in the name of sustainability is to eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging as much as possible. So we have chosen to use only paper ribbons, one of the most recyclable and renewable materials. In fact, paper can be reused up to 7 times within production processes and requires the use of fewer chemicals for its recycling.


This is just a small step for us at Bizzarre Intimo, but one that carries a lot of weight for us: because we are convinced that just by starting with small gestures we can change the future of the world and ensure the well-being of our Planet. And by choosing us, you too will know that you are doing your part.

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